dennise0626: What's Your IG ? ^.^ And Would You Follow Back :o ?

My IG is DanieAllOver :) Honestly, I mostly follow people I know in real life (with the exception of people like NPH, Ellen, the cast of OITNB, and Nina Dobrev… But I mean that’s self explanatory for anyone who knows me lol). However, I do follow some of my followers back from time to time :) So ya never know! I do try to comment back/reply whenever possible to make up for it.

Anonymous: When you're living in NY do you live on your own in an apartment or do you have roommates?

I actually live with my dad in my apartment here in NY, which I actually love. It is definitely temporary, as I am looking to work very hard and get my own place in the city in the not so distant future. However, since my move to NY was rather spur of the moment for my job, I did not have a plan (nor truthfully the funds at the time, considering rent in NY is not cheap) to move into a new apartment as soon as I got here. So instead, I decided to live with my dad (and still pay rent/utilities to get acclimated to the practice) until I save up to get an apartment I love that I can call my own. In the meantime, I don’t mind living with my dad. We have always gotten along really well. I talk to him about my day, friends, social life, dating, etc. And in exchange, he’ll fill me in on cool new shopping areas, restaurants, and nightlife (He’s not a regular dad. He’s a cool dad). So I guess my dad is my roommate for the time being.

Anonymous: Do you prefer curvy girls or skinny girls?

I like girls. I’m not attracted to a particular body-type. I’ve dated tall, short, skinny, athletic, curvy, blonde, brunette… just girls. And I don’t like placing labels like femme, butch, stud, stemme, chapstick, etc (and I also don’t feel like I even fit into just one “category” myself). At the end of the day I’m attracted to the girl inside the body, versus the body itself. Just love yourself, and find someone who loves you for you. All of you.