I’m still taking a break, but I needed to get this off my chest…

I know you’re mad. I can understand why. But please know I never intended to hurt you. Yes, I’ll admit a part of me was distraught by the lack of communication and explanations provided, but I did what I felt was right as a person. Perhaps you don’t agree, and that’s perfectly alright. But I would never try to purposely hurt you.
See, although I am extremely hurt by the actions taken, I know I still hold the same care I did years ago. It became apparent today when someone tried to somehow comfort me by belittling you. When this occurred, I instantly turned to them (snapped really) and told them to never speak about you in that way, because they didn’t know you like I did. And because I know that despite how much I want to take the bears, flowers, rings, and all and throw them out the window… the memories can never be replaced so easily, and they will always allow me to hold some shred of happiness attached to your name.
It’s a shame it had to happen this way. This was never what I intended, you know this. You also know I’m taking actions to make myself better. And I will continue to do so, day by day. As I hope you do as well. As a movie which neither of us were crazy about once said, “I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. All my life long.” And although I may not agree with the script or absurd close-ups of pasta eating, I believe that quote is tragically beautiful and is rather fitting.
I don’t really know how to end this, but I just thought I should put this out there, into the void, so that by chance this catches your eye… at least now you’ll know.

Anonymous: didn't you say you were "taking a break from tumblr"?

Yes, as stated in my earlier post I will be taking a break from tumblr after today. I decided that since I’m in a bit of a funk right now, I could use any and all positivity that I may receive. And honestly, I didn’t expect to get nearly as many heartfelt Happy Birthday messages as I have received thus far. All your kind words honestly mean the world to me, and they have truly raised my spirits quite a bit. I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to me, and I am so grateful to have such amazing followers.